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Expired domains

Backorder expired domains – Tutorial.

Backordering expired domains has become one of the most difficult, but also one of the most profitable, activities of both naïve and expert internet entrepreneurs.

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Backorder domains.  Which ones and why.

There are many variables to be considered to backorder expired domains.  You might just like a domain name, which makes it valuable to you, but that does not guarantee that the domain holds any value for other people.  If the criteria you use to select a domain are merely personal preferences, you could end up registering a bunch of names you cannot sell to anyone else for a profit.

If you are a domain investor, you must apply common sense, internet traffic tools and SEO knowledge, and also general trends, to decide which expired domains names are right for you. General trends, collective preferences, news, hot product usually create a short window of opportunity for quick domain trading, but it’s better to rely on variables that are truly meaningful and predict a long-term appreciation.

We will analyze the following variables:

  • Inbound links
  • Alexa indexing
  • DMOZ.org listing
  • Archive.org listing
  • Yahoo listing/indexing
  • Google listing/indexing
  • MSN listing/indexing
  • Yahoo inbound links
  • Google links
  • MSN “inlinks”
  • Overture searches
  • Size and quality of previous site
  • Google AdSense banning
  • Yahoo YPN banning
  • Yahoo, Google and MSN search results
  • Keyword richness
  • Typos, misspellings, extensions, etc.
  • Potential type-in traffic:  curiosity, greed, common sense.

Where to backorder domains?

There are many places to backorder expired domains, we will publish a complete expired domains tutorial as soon as some basic programming and design are finished.

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